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Directory by Department
Edkins, Brian Principal
Reggie Fields Assistant Principal, Athletic Director
Price, Mary Assistant Principal
Griffie, Brooke Assistant Principal
Ross, Kathleen Assistant Principal
Carter, Donna
Career & Technical Education Department  
Allen, Donna Health Science I, II and Nursing Fundamentals
Bandurraga, Sara Public Safety
Black, James Public Safety, Criminal Justice I, II
Clark, Kety Personal Finance
Cooper-Walworth,  Christel Foods I
Cox, Tammy Sports Marketing, Project Management I, II
Freeman, Emily Career Management, Entrepreneurship I
Farbotko, Frankie Animal Science I and II, Environment and Natural Resources I and II
Hanes, Matthew Drafting I, II Engineering H, II Architecture H
Ivey, Jennifer Multimedia & Webpage, Adobe Visual Design, Adobe Video Design
Garrison, Carla Foods I and II
Matthews, Elizabeth CTE Coordinator
Nichols, Amanda Microsoft Applications, Computer Science Principles
Phelps, Jimmy Principles of Business, Career Management
Poulk, Deanna Health Team Relations, Health Science I, Nursing Fundamentals
Turlington, Todd Automechanics Intro, I
Waters, Delores Microsoft Applications, Excel
West, William  Agriscience Applications, CTE Advanced Studies
Wrench, Donna Child Development,  Foods I
Young, Paul Horticulture I, II, Landscaping
Clerical Staff   
Bristley, Sheilah Receptionist
Johnson, Michelle Administrative Assistant to Mr. Edkins
Karakos, Karen Discipline Clerk
Jackson, Courtney Attendance Clerk
Smithheart, Michelle Bookkeeper
Cultural Arts Department
Britt, Jason Intro Chorus, Prof Chorus, AP Music Theory, Department Chair
Bullard, Morgan Art I,II, III
Lucchino, John Art II, III, and IV
Raynor, Kerri-Ann Theater I, II, II, IV
White, Geoffrey Orchestra
Williams, Michael Band, Color Guard
Custodial Staff
Blue, Willie Head Custodian
Culbreth, Larie
Garner, Lenora
Harvey, Ray
Johnson, Beth
Jones, Bobby
Monroe, Roderick
Thompkins, Sylvia
West, Willie Mae
English Department 
Bartell, Carol English III
Basham, Jennifer English IV, Yearbook, Department Chair
Canady, Karen English III H, French I, II,
Grates, Joe English III H,  AP Language, AP Literature
Herron, Devan English I, I H
Jones, Lorin English I, English IV H
Lucas, Amy English II, II H
Madyun, Elizabeth English I, III, IV
Phillips, Brittan English I,II
Exceptional Children’s Department
Andrade, Joshua SLD Math and Science, Study Skills
Bulla,Ishanti Multihandicapped
Garropy, Bonnie Intro to Math,OCS English , Biology, OCS Preparation II, III
Glover, Daytoria Resource Math I, II, III
Graham, Brian OCS Preparation I, II, , Civics, Financial Management, Applied Science, Intro Math
Hardee, Marcellina Resource English I,II,III
Johnson, Derrick Foundations of Math I, Math I, III Co-op
Osborne, Alice Case Manager
Owen, Joan English II, III Co-op, Math I, II, IIICo-op
Parker, Christy English IV, Department Chair, Case Manager
Pope, Margaret English I, II, IV and Fundamentals of Math Co-op
Foreign Language Department 
Canady, Karen French I,II, English III H
Godo de Lucas, Marta Spanish II
McDonald, Silvia ESL
Pritchett, Stacy Spanish I
JROTC Department 
 Karakos, Andrew  ROTC II, III, Department Chair
Tucker, Marcus ROTC I, II, III, IV
 Mathematics Department
King, Martha Math II, III
Furr, Julia Math III, Math III H
Hancock, Shannon Pre-Calculus H,  AP Calculus, Department Chair
Higginbotham, Larell On Medical Leave until Jan. 2021
Johnson, Kristen Foundations of Math I, Math I
Lewis, Lynne Math II, Math II H
Phipps, Candace Math II, Advanced Models and Functions,  SGA
Sealey, Sara Foundations of Math I, Math I
Whisnant, Rhonda Foundations of Math I, Math I
Media Center
Bullard, Jean Media Clerk
Gates, Barbara School Library Media Coordinator
 Physical Education Department
Callahan, Joan Health/PE, Adaptive PE
Edge, Todd Advanced PE and Weight Training
Hall, Chris Health/PE, Advanced PE, Department Chair
Kee, Alphonza Health/PE
Thomas, Jacob Weight Training
Science Department
Anderson, Debra Earth Science, Biology
Danks, Carla Chemistry H, AP, Physical Science
Edmonds, Helena Marine Science, Anatomy/Physiology H, AP  Biology, Biology H,
Harris, Ashleigh Biology, Physical Science, Physics
Lee, Katheryn AP Environmental Science, Biology, Earth Science
Robinson, Julie Earth Science, Physical Science
Smith, W. Landon Earth Science, Physical Science
Spry-Lucas, Angela Earth Science, Earth Science H
Velez, Marissa Earth Science, Physical Science
Social Studies Department 
Britt, Jarrod American History I & II, AP Government
Casianos, Arleen American History I
Grates, Ryan World History, World History H
Gregory, Amy Civics
Johnson, Jacqueline American History II, AP US History
Lucas, Christopher AP European History, AP Human Geography, American History I
McLaughlin, Deramus World History, World History H, American History I
Shook, Amey American History I, II, AP Psychology
Smith, Wendell World History, World History H
Student Services Department 
Armstrong, Justin 9th Grade Counselor, Freshmen Experience Liaison, Fee Waivers and Volunteer Program
Boyle, Alison Lead Counselor, 10th-12th grade, Last Names A -G, GradPoint, Teleconferencing
Carroll, Kimberly 10th – 12 Grade last names H-N, NCVPS E-Learning Advisor, Military Families, NCAA
Clark, Mary Transcript Clerk
Hollingsworth, Janet 10-12th Grade, Last Names O-Z, FTCC High School Connections Coordinator, Fire Academy Liaison
McGee, Ashley Social Worker
Smith, Scott School psychologist
Naudus, Ruth Data Manager
Support Staff
Casey, Michael Safe Schools Coordinator
Karcher, Amy AIG Coordinator
Shrauger, Matthew Deputy
Teacher Assistants
Autry, Tracy EC Assistant
Dockery, Jimmy ISS
Fisher, Melissa EC Assistant
Foster, Kaitlyn EC Testing Assistant
Griffin, Anita EC Assistant
Harless, Larry ISS
Hope, January GradPoint, NCVPS, Computer Lab
Horne, Tim EC Assistant
McLaughlin, Pamtronya EC Assistant
Cross, Ashley Varsity Girls’ Basketball
Lewis, Lynne Bowling
Hope, January Unified Bowling
Britt, Jarrod Varsity Baseball
Phelps, Jimmy Assistant Baseball
Callahan, Joan Girls’ Indoor Track, Girls’ Track
Edge, Todd Boys’ and Girls’ Golf
Andrade, Josh JV Volleyball, JV Baseball
Graham, Brian Unified Track, JV Girls’ Basketball, Assistant Football
Grates, Ryan Assistant Football
Hall, Chris Assistant Varsity Baseball, Assistant Football
Hanes, Matt Boys’ Cross Country, Boys’ Indoor Track, JV Boys’ Track
Johnson, Derrick JV Football, Boys’ Track
Johnson, Kristen JV Softball
Kee, Alphonza Varsity Basketball
Lucas, Chris Girls’ Tennis
Osbourne, Lee Boys’ Tennis
McPhail, Jeff Varsity Softball
Mitchell, Rico JV Boys’ Basketball, JV Boys’ Soccer
Shook, Amey Swimming
Grates, Joe Assistant Football
Terwilliger, Troy Girls’ Soccer
Thomas, Jacob Varsity Football
Finley, Eric Boys’ Lacrosse
Beal, Rita Girls’ Lacrosse
Wilson, Heath Varsity Wrestling
Gregory, Amy Varsity Cheer
Harris, Ashleigh JV Cheer

 Citizenship, Community Outreach, developing future Leaders, celebrating Tradition and cultivating Success!


Published by Jennifer Ivey on February 3, 2020