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Directory by Department
Edkins, BrianPrincipal[email protected]
Reggie FieldsAssistant Principal, Athletic Director[email protected]
Price, MaryAssistant Principal[email protected]
Griffie, BrookeAssistant Principal[email protected]
Ross, KathleenAssistant Principal[email protected]
Carter, Donna[email protected]
Career & Technical Education Department  
Allen, DonnaHealth Science I, II and Nursing Fundamentals[email protected]
Bandurraga, SaraPublic Safety[email protected]
Black, JamesPublic Safety, Criminal Justice I, II[email protected]
Hicks, ManuelPrinciples of Business[email protected]
Cooper-Walworth,  ChristelFoods I[email protected]
Cox, TammySports Marketing, Project Management I, II[email protected]
Freeman, EmilyCareer Management, Entrepreneurship I[email protected]
Farbotko, FrankieAnimal Science I and II, Environment and Natural Resources I and II[email protected]
Hanes, MatthewDrafting I, II Engineering H, II Architecture H[email protected]
Ivey, JenniferAdobe Visual Design, Adobe Video Design[email protected]
Garrison, CarlaFoods I and II[email protected]
Matthews, ElizabethCTE Coordinator[email protected]
Nichols, AmandaMicrosoft Applications, Computer Science Principles[email protected]
Phelps, JimmyPrinciples of Business, Career Management[email protected]
Kennedy, DonnaHealth Team Relations, Health Science I, Nursing Fundamentals[email protected]
Turlington, ToddAutomechanics Intro, I[email protected]
Waters, DeloresMicrosoft Applications, Excel[email protected]
West, William Agriscience Applications, CTE Advanced Studies[email protected]
Wrench, DonnaChild Development,  Foods I[email protected]
Young, PaulHorticulture I, II, Landscaping[email protected]
Clerical Staff   
Bristley, SheilahReceptionist[email protected]
Johnson, MichelleAdministrative Assistant to Mr. Edkins[email protected]
Karakos, KarenDiscipline Clerk[email protected]
Jackson, CourtneyAttendance Clerk[email protected]
Smithheart, MichelleBookkeeper[email protected]
Cultural Arts Department
Britt, JasonIntro Chorus, Prof Chorus, AP Music Theory, Department Chair[email protected]
Brown, KerryDance[email protected]
Bullard, MorganArt I,II, III[email protected]
Dickerson, JessicaArt II, III, and IV[email protected]
Raynor, Kerri-AnnTheater I, II, II, IV[email protected]
White, GeoffreyOrchestra[email protected]
Williams, MichaelBand, Color Guard[email protected]
Custodial Staff
Blue, WillieHead Custodian[email protected]
Culbreth, Larie[email protected]
Garner, Lenora[email protected]
Harvey, Ray[email protected]
Johnson, Beth
Jones, Bobby
Monroe, Roderick
Thompkins, Sylvia
West, Willie Mae[email protected]
English Department 
Bartell, CarolEnglish III[email protected]
Basham, JenniferEnglish IV, Yearbook, Department Chair[email protected]
Canady, KarenEnglish III H, French I, II,[email protected]
Grates, JoeEnglish III H,  AP Language, AP Literature[email protected]
Herron, DevanEnglish I, I H[email protected]
Jones, LorinEnglish I, English IV H[email protected]
Lucas, AmyEnglish II, II H[email protected]
Brown, KaiyaEnglish I, III, IVKaiyaBro[email protected]
Phillips, BrittanEnglish I,II[email protected]
Exceptional Children’s Department
Andrade, JoshuaSLD Math and Science, Study Skills[email protected]
Bulla,IshantiMultihandicapped[email protected]
Garropy, BonnieIntro to Math,OCS English , Biology, OCS Preparation II, III[email protected]
Glover, DaytoriaResource Math I, II, III[email protected]
Graham, BrianOCS Preparation I, II, , Civics, Financial Management, Applied Science, Intro Math[email protected]
Hardee, MarcellinaResource English I,II,III[email protected]
Johnson, DerrickFoundations of Math I, Math I, III Co-op[email protected]
Osborne, AliceCase Manager[email protected]
Owen, JoanEnglish II, III Co-op, Math I, II, IIICo-op[email protected]
Parker, ChristyEnglish IV, Department Chair, Case Manager[email protected]
Pope, MargaretEnglish I, II, IV and Fundamentals of Math Co-op[email protected]
Foreign Language Department 
Canady, KarenFrench I,II, English III H[email protected]
Godo de Lucas, MartaSpanish II[email protected]
Gomez, ElsaESL[email protected]
Pritchett, StacySpanish I[email protected]
JROTC Department 
 Karakos, Andrew ROTC II, III, Department Chair [email protected]
Tucker, MarcusROTC I, II, III, IV[email protected]
 Mathematics Department
King, MarthaMath II, III[email protected]
Furr, JuliaMath III, Math III H[email protected]
Hancock, ShannonPre-Calculus H,  AP Calculus, Department Chair[email protected]
Higginbotham, LarellOn Medical Leave until Jan. 2021[email protected]
Johnson, KristenFoundations of Math I, Math I[email protected]
Lewis, LynneMath II, Math II H[email protected]
Little, SaraMath II[email protected]
Phipps, CandaceMath II, Advanced Models and Functions,  SGA[email protected]
Kinlaw, TiffanyFoundations of Math I, Math I, Math II[email protected]
Whisnant, RhondaFoundations of Math I, Math I[email protected]
Media Center
Bullard, JeanMedia Clerk[email protected]
James, JalosaSchool Library Media Coordinator[email protected]
 Physical Education Department
Callahan, JoanHealth/PE, Adaptive PE[email protected]
Edge, ToddAdvanced PE and Weight Training[email protected]
Hall, ChrisHealth/PE, Advanced PE, Department Chair[email protected]
Kee, AlphonzaHealth/PE[email protected]
Thomas, JacobWeight Training[email protected]
Science Department
Anderson, DebraEarth Science, Biology[email protected]
Danks, CarlaChemistry H, AP, Physical Science[email protected]
Edmonds, HelenaMarine Science, Anatomy/Physiology H, AP  Biology, Biology H,[email protected]
Harris, AshleighBiology, Physical Science, Physics[email protected]
Lee, KatherynAP Environmental Science, Biology, Earth Science[email protected]
Robinson, JulieEarth Science, Physical Science[email protected]
Smith, W. LandonEarth Science, Physical Science[email protected]
Spry-Lucas, AngelaEarth Science, Earth Science H[email protected]
Velez, MarissaEarth Science, Physical Science[email protected]
Social Studies Department 
Britt, JarrodAmerican History I & II, AP Government[email protected]
Casianos, ArleenAmerican History I[email protected]
Grates, RyanWorld History, World History H[email protected]
Gregory, AmyCivics[email protected]
Johnson, JacquelineAmerican History II, AP US History[email protected]
Lucas, ChristopherAP European History, AP Human Geography, American History I[email protected]
Stephenson, GaryWorld History, World History H, American History I[email protected]
Shook, AmeyAmerican History I, II, AP Psychology[email protected]
Holden, GraceWorld History, World History H[email protected]
Student Services Department 
Ontiveros, Nisa9th Grade Counselor, Freshmen Experience Liaison, Fee Waivers and Volunteer Program[email protected]
Boyle, AlisonLead Counselor, 10th-12th grade, Last Names A -G, GradPoint, Teleconferencing[email protected]
Carroll, Kimberly10th – 12 Grade last names H-N, NCVPS E-Learning Advisor, Military Families, NCAA[email protected]
Clark, MaryTranscript Clerk[email protected]
Denman, Elise10-12th Grade, Last Names O-Z, FTCC High School Connections Coordinator, Fire Academy Liaison[email protected]
McGee, AshleySocial Worker[email protected]
Smith, ScottSchool Psychologist[email protected]
Lundy, WendyData Manager[email protected]
Support Staff
Casey, MichaelSafe Schools Coordinator[email protected]
Karcher, AmyAIG Coordinator[email protected]
Shrauger, MatthewDeputy[email protected]
Teacher Assistants
Autry, TracyEC Assistant[email protected]
Dockery, JamesISS[email protected]
Fisher, MelissaEC Assistant[email protected]
Foster, KaitlynEC Testing Assistant[email protected]
Griffin, AnitaEC Assistant[email protected]
Harless, LarryISS[email protected]
Hope, JanuaryGradPoint, NCVPS, Computer Lab[email protected]
Horne, TimEC Assistant[email protected]
McLaughlin, PamtronyaEC Assistant[email protected]
Cross, AshleyVarsity Girls’ Basketball
Lewis, LynneBowling[email protected]
Hope, JanuaryUnified Bowling[email protected]
Britt, JarrodVarsity Baseball[email protected]
Phelps, JimmyAssistant Baseball[email protected]
Callahan, JoanGirls’ Indoor Track, Girls’ Track[email protected]
Edge, ToddBoys’ and Girls’ Golf[email protected]
Andrade, JoshJV Volleyball, JV Baseball[email protected]
Graham, BrianUnified Track, JV Girls’ Basketball, Assistant Football[email protected]
Grates, RyanAssistant Football[email protected]
Hall, ChrisAssistant Varsity Baseball, Assistant Football[email protected]
Hanes, MattBoys’ Cross Country, Boys’ Indoor Track, JV Boys’ Track[email protected]
Johnson, DerrickJV Football, Boys’ Track[email protected]
Johnson, KristenJV Softball[email protected]
Kee, AlphonzaVarsity Basketball[email protected]
Lucas, ChrisGirls’ Tennis[email protected]
Osbourne, LeeBoys’ Tennis
McPhail, JeffVarsity Softball[email protected]
Mitchell, RicoJV Boys’ Basketball, JV Boys’ Soccer[email protected]
Shook, AmeySwimming[email protected]
Grates, JoeAssistant Football[email protected]
Terwilliger, TroyGirls’ Soccer[email protected]
Thomas, JacobVarsity Football[email protected]
Finley, EricBoys’ Lacrosse
Beal, RitaGirls’ Lacrosse
Wilson, HeathVarsity Wrestling[email protected]
Gregory, AmyVarsity Cheer[email protected]
Harris, AshleighJV Cheer[email protected]

 Citizenship, Community Outreach, developing future Leaders, celebrating Tradition and cultivating Success!


Published by Jennifer Ivey on February 3, 2020